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About Carrot Oil


Carrot root oil is obtained by solvent extraction of the red carrot (root) and contains high levels of carotenes. Carotenoids are easily assimilated antioxidants, which are present in a wide range of fruits and vegetables but most abundant in carrots. Antioxidants protect human cells from harmful free-radical attack. The benefits of Carrot Oil can’t be found in any newly engineered chemicals. Nature holds the solution in Carrot Oil.

Here are some skin conditions Carrot Oil can help with:

  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Wrinkles

It has also been proven to help aid dry skin and revitalize the basal layer as well as assisting circulation and aiding muscular tension.

Our Carotis® skin toning products contain naturally extracted Carrot Oil. They quickly produce a beautiful golden tone. When used in combination with our SkinProtect® sunblock line; they shield the skin better against the damaging effects of UVR than chemical sunscreens alone.

In summary, Carotis®  Carrot Oil used in combination with topical sunscreens provides more optimal protection against skin cancer and photo aging than chemical sunscreens alone. In order to maximize the positive effects, look for Carotis products that have been expressly formulated for Afro-American, dark or sun damaged skin




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