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Fair and White Miss White Carrot Brightening Serum - 1 Fl oz / 30 ml

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Brightening Serum with Carrot Oil with perfect texture. For a radiant more beautiful and even skin. Directions: Apply to clean dry skin on areas of concern, preferably at night. Follow up with our SPF 50 SkinProtect sun protection every morning to prevent further skin discoloration. This lightweight serum is perfect for combination/oily skin types.
Main Ingredients: Hydroquinone 1.9%, Carrot Oil Skin Type; normal/ oily skin
  • Specifically : Brimming with healthy, plant-based ingredients that coax a color tan so sensuous and glowing, everything you wear just looks better.
  • Directions: Apply Ultra Moisturizing Serum to cleansed, dry skin daily. Gently massage into skin and let dry. Use it as often as needed.
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  • PREMIUM QUALITY : Like any F&W skincare products, this product for women & men is made with high quality and safe ingredients for your skin, under strict quality inspection & control
  • Skin type: Oily and combination skin Main Ingredient: 1.9 Hydroquinone