Skin Concerns


What causes Aging Skin?

As we age circulation within the skin diminishes, depriving skin cells of Vitamin "C". This potent anti-oxidant is necessary to protect the skin from external and internal factors such as the sun, smoke, loss of sleep, poor diet and stress. Repetitive exposure begins showing signs of aging; wrinkles, rough patchy texture, loss of elasticity, sagging skin, sun damage and skin discoloration. Adding daily sun protection and anti-oxidants like Vitamin "C" and Vitamin "E" will continuously promote collagen synthesis, reducing signs of aging, resulting in firm skin with a more youthful, healthy appearance.

Suggested products:

  • OMIC SPF 50+ Sunscreen – maintains healthy even skin tone
  • Gold Ultimate 3 step-  Revitalizing Brightening Kit for face – perfect to fade dark spots and to even and brighten skin tone
  • Exclusive Silky Gel with pure Vitamin C – anti-aging – protects skin from daily environment pollutants


Restore your skin back to it's youthful glow!

Cellular turnover slows down as we age, giving the skin a dull appearance therefore, exfoliation of dead skin cells is an important step to add to your daily regimen, constantly improving skins texture while adding radiance back to the skin.

Suggested products:

• OMIC® SkinPolish™


Stop breakouts before they begin!

Acne occurs when the pores in the skin are clogged with dead skin cells and too much oil is produced creating a blockage in the pore, breeding bacteria. Hormonal changes can also cause some people to produce too much oil and when this combines with the impurities in our environment oil gets trapped in the pores causing oily skin, breakouts and sometimes scarring. Knowing how to treat oily skin will help to prevent these problems before they start.

Suggested products:

  1. F & W Black Soap- Am & Pm
  2. F & W Original Dermapure Toning Lotion- Am & Pm
  3. F & W So White Purifying Mask with Clayuse 1-2 times a week for acne /combination/oily skin(once a week for normal to oily skin)
  4. F & W So White Moisturizing & Clarifying Maskuse 1-2 times a week for hydration and post acne scars   

Are you seeing damaging effects of sun on your skin?

Uneven skin tone, skin discoloration and dark spots can make skin look 10 years older, according to studies. This is related to visible changes in the behavior and appearance of the skin due to overexposure to the sun, known as "photo-aging".

Suggested products:

• OMIC® LightenUp™ Plus Active LIghtening Cream

• OMIC® LightenUp™ Plus Lightening Gel

• OMIC® LightenUp™ Plus Lightening Body Lotion


What causes large pores?

People with oily/acne prone skin tend to have more visible pores. This can happen for many reasons:

1. Age/genetics

2. Congestion in the pores

3. Sun damage

4. Smoking

Pores can become larger due to inadequate cleansing as well as aging which leads to loss of collagen. Smoking can also cause an interruption of normal healthy cell reproduction causing a decrease flow of oxygen, thereby giving the skin a sallow appearance. Hide and Treat large pores!

Suggested products:

• OMIC® BlemishLess® Purifying Cleansing Gel

• F & W Original Dermapure Toning Lotion

• OMIC® SkinPolish™ Exfoliating Cream