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Mitchell Brands 100% Natural Shea Butter Jar Enhanced With Almond Oil

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Known for its high lubricating vitamin E quality, this potent anti-oxidant is known as “food for your skin”. Almond oil protects and prevents cell damage, delaying the aging process. Pure Almond Oil has great emollient properties which makes for a good choice to moisturize and hydrate dry flaky, ashy skin. Helps to minimize dark circles around eyes and revitalizes a dull complexion. Almond Oil can be used to promote shiny hair by mixing almond oil with tea tree oil; massage it into the scalp to increase circulation and to help relieve dandruff.

Skin Benefits:
- Traps moisture in the skin
- Delays appearance of wrinkles
-Tightens and firms skin

Hair Benefits:
- Promotes shiny hair
- Increases circulation to the scalp
- Relieves dandruff
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