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BOGO So White! Rose Secret Love Soap 150gr (buy one get one free)

Some people like to have a tanned skin tone, while others prefer the natural bright color of their skin. If you belong in the second category, the Geisha Beauty Secrets Lightening Body Lotion is exactly what you need! The bleaching lotion will remove all of the freckles, marks and discolorations from your skin, leaving it lighter and brighter than ever! THE MOST POWERFUL FORMULA! Made with concentrated Kojic Acid, and many more nourishing ingredients, the Geisha Beauty Secrets Lightening Body Lotion has the power to give you an even complexion that is free of scars, blemishes, red and dark spots, and other skin imperfections. This skin lightening formula will give you the skin of your dreams! Try it out and see for yourself!
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