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Gold Exceptional Clarifying Cream 200ml NHQ


(2: EVEN TONE) Purifying and Brightening

Description: This exceptional clarifying cream purifies, nourishes, and softens skin, promoting a brighter luminous, silky complexion.

How to use: For a clarifying and purifying treatment, apply the cream to dry cleansed skin, preferably at night. Avoid the eye area. Follow up with our SPF 50 Skin Protect every morning to maintain an even skin tone.

Caution: When using lightening and brightening products it makes our skin sensitive to sunlight therefore, it is important to add sunscreen to your skin regimen every morning. This will prevent more dark spots from occurring.

Tip: Creams are best for dry skin types and will help to nourish and hydrate your complexion. When skin is well hydrated, fading treatments work more efficiently.

Main Ingredients: Glycerin, Argan Oil.

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