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Neoprosone Vitamin C Kit

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- Neoprosone Vit C Brightening Body Lotion 500ml

Restores an even skin tone with potent skin brightening active, Arbutin Complex. Softens with non-irritating Lactic Acid and protects against environmental pollutants with anti-oxidant Vitamin “C”.

- Neoprosone Vit C Brightening Gel 30g

Formulated in a light refreshing texture, Neoprosone Vitamin “C” Gel reduces appearance of dark brown spots, evening out skin tone with brightening active, Arbutin Complex.

- Neoprosone Vit C Brightening Serum 30ml

A potent fast absorbing serum specifically formulated to reduce visible signs of skin discoloration by evening out skin tone, restoring a healthy complexion.

- Neoprosone Vit C Cleansing Bar 200g

Cleanse with invigorating anti-oxidant Vitamin “C” as it freshens, soothes and nourishes skin without over-drying. Reveals a soft radiant complexion.