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Omic Cleartone Glyco-A Peeling Cream

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Erase a dull, sun-damaged complexion with CleartonGlyco-A Peeling Cream; the quickest way to shed dead skin cells, promoting new smoother, softer skin for a more even skin tone. Instantly refines pores, rejuvenates skins texture, improves elasticity, and restores visible radiance. This is an excellent at-home treatment, giving you the same visible results as a mild in-office peeling treatment, without paying a costly visit to the doctor’s office.

Directions: Apply every other evening and let dry. Do not rinse. Follow up with your daily nighttime regimen. If dryness, flaking, or irritation occurs, follow up with our Moisture Rescue Moisturizing Cream daily. Glycolic Acid Peeling Cream can be used on all types of skin as a prepping lotion to help lightening and brightening skincare penetrate much more efficiently into the skin. Follow up with OMIC SPF 50+ every morning.