A Sweet Treat for Your Skin: Fun Facts About Honey As a Featured Ingredient

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Should you treat your skin to honey-infused skincare? We think so!

As natural ingredients go, honey makes an amazing addition to any body and beauty care routine. In particular, we like Lebanese honey, which is a signature ingredient of the Lighten Up bath and body collection. But what makes it such a must-have for any skincare ritual? Here is what you need to know:

Why use honey in skincare?

For centuries, honey has been used in beauty rituals across many cultures. This is because it has many incredible properties for the skin, hair, and overall wellness. It can be enjoyed as a food ingredient, but also works wonderfully when applied topically.

In skincare honey works on multiple levels by gently exfoliating, softening the skin, and promoting moisture retention. It’s also antibacterial, antifungal, and balancing, meaning it can help prevent acne and provide soothing for conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

To take a closer look at what makes honey such a unique skincare ingredient, here are a few additional fun facts:


Fact #1: Lebanese honey is enriched by the natural environment.

Although it can be found all over the world, honey is largely influenced by the region in which it is sourced. Everything from the flowers and plants, to the soil they grow in and the weather conditions, will play a role in the product yielded by local bees. For example, honey from Lebanon is renowned for its rich biodiversity. By the time it reaches its final stage, it will be flavored by native botanicals including thyme, thorn bushes, oak trees, orange blossoms, and
other wildflowers.

Fact #2: Lebanese honey is carefully cultivated to ensure the highest quality.

Although it is quite pure to begin with, honey producers in Lebanon have perfected the artform of overseeing every step of the process, thus maintaining high standards for the final product. Local beekeepers are particular about choosing their queen bees and protecting them so that they are able to perform at their best. Manufacturers also subject the honey to strict testing in order to guarantee consumer safety, compliance, and the best possible product quality.


Fact #3: Lebanese honey is more nutrient-rich and naturally nourishing.

Besides being boosted with all the flavors of the Lebanese countryside, something else that makes the honey from this region so special is that it is polyfloral, meaning it is made from the nectar of multiple plants. As opposed to most kinds of honey, which are monofloral, Lebanese honey has the added benefit of being extra rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - including Vitamins A, B and C, but also calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc.


Our Favorite Honey-Infused Products Picks

LightenUp Honey Beauty Soap - For a revitalizing daily cleanse, Honey Beauty Soap is a gentle, nourishing option that can be used by even sensitive skin types. Unlike many bar soaps, which can strip the skin, this one lathers to a light creamy foam that moisturizes and promotes balance, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and completely soothed.

LightenUp COCO + Honey Shea Butter Wash -
Combining the magic of honey with moisture-rich super ingredients like shea, this allover gel cleanser is designed to deeply cleanse away dirt, sweat, excess oil and other debris, while still preserving the skin and promoting a radiant glow. We recommend reaching for this one anytime you want to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


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